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Welcome to the website for the British Association of Iconographers.? We hope that this website will enable you to learn about iconography and also to provide you with information about the courses offered and events planned by the Association.

In recent years, many Western Christians have begun to discover Icon by Aidan Hartthe Eastern practice of using icons as an aid to reflection and prayer—and have consequently learned much about the theology behind them and the liturgies in which they are traditionally used.

The aims of the BAI

The British Association of Iconographers exists to deepen the knowledge and inner understanding of icons and the spirituality associated with them, whilst establishing contact with all iconographers – learners, beginners and those with a great proficiency throughout the world.

Icon painting

Icon painting is a meditative, prayerful painting of an image that aims to depict the true inner likeness of Christ, Mary or the saints. Icons express the future unity of the whole of creation and are a visible manifestation of humankind’s spiritual power to redeem creation through beauty and art. By painting an icon we seek to express the Divine nature with which Christ is endowed and the inner spiritual reality which animates the saints.

The banner image (above) shows some of the icons in Winchester Cathedral, England.? See the following link for more about them:

Winchester Cathedral Icons

?Further contact information can be found on the Contact page of this website.? For general enquiries about the BAI please use the following e-mail address:?? info@



Writing the Light Byzantine Icons by the hand of Fr. Justin Venn Writing the Light Byzantine Icons – an exhibition by? Fr. Justin Venn

The exhibition will be held on June 26th 2022 at Liverpool Parish Church, Old Churchyard, Liverpool L2 8TZ starting at 6pm
The exhibition will also be held on July 14th 2022? at the Orthodox Church? of the Elisabeth the New Martyr,? Wallasey CH45 5DR starting at 6pm

Fr. Justin Venn may be contacted at:? ?
Click here to enlarge the Writing the Light poster


ICONOGRAPHY COURSES?? Additional course information for 2022 has now been added to the website.?? Please look at the listings under ‘Courses’ for further information.? There is a new page about iconography using stone.? See:?


During the autumn of 2021 the BAI held an on-line exhibition of members’ icons. The on-line exhibition can? be accessed via this website at:



Site updated:? June 9th 2022